Poem: Let those troubles be!

Poem: Let those troubles be!

When I feel my troubles multiply; Despondent with panic I resort to cry,

Where should I go, when I feel so low? Who’d hold my hand, tell me what I ought to know?

As these crazy thoughts, come creeping to my mind; I see a picture of a gentle woman, with a manner so kind!

I turn my gaze to Our blessed Mother, Sweet Divinity; It’s true she pleads for us, to The blessed Trinity!

When I see her loving face, These thoughts come to me; I can almost hear her say, “Let those troubles be!”

It’s as if She castes her loving gaze upon me, Oh! I know that she can see; How Our Blessed Mother so dearly loveth me!

I tell her all my troubles, and she smiles lovingly; In my heart, I hear her whisper:

“Worry not MY CHILD, your troubles are temporary; Troubles are for your greater good, so place your trust in me!

Suffering brings miracles, so let these sorrows be…

I will plead for you, whatever you ask of me; I assure you – wonders in your life, surely you will see!”

“… But promise me dear one, that you will not turn your back; When I plead for your happiness, your heart will not forget!

For it pierces my heart, to see you turn away; But then when you ask with love, “NO” I cannot say!

But also remember, God knows what is best for you; Though you cannot see it, magnified He sees it ten times two!

Be faithful in prayer, when you say it every day; Though you think it doesn’t matter, those words are the sweetest when you say!

Drown yourself in prayer, so that your voice reaches up to me; And I promise you dear one, I will keep you safe for all eternity!”

~ Lee-Anne D’Costa

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