Poem: It’s okay to be yourself

Poem: It’s okay to be yourself

Poem: It’s okay to be yourself

Be yourself, no matter what!

Each day is a new day: Every day is a challenge! The most incredible part is that you are doing well. Are you starting all over again? Are you building something new? Are you trying to fight against time to achieve something? or you are just doing your own thing, living one day at a time. Continue to do what you do. Believe you’re on the right path. You are doing well. On the days you feel ‘not so good’, you’re learning, you may improve. Do not give up! Learning is a continuous process. It is never too late to start all over again. Today is a good day, now is the right time if you want to start something new. 🙂

You are a masterpiece and you’re special: From childhood, we are reminded that each of us is unique. We all have something special in us, most of us don’t know it or take time to discover it. You are chosen to make a difference. No matter how insignificant you may think it is. You came into this world for a reason. You are special. You are important! And most of all you have a purpose that no one else can fulfil.

You don’t need to please others: People will have a lot to say, they will have many suggestions for your life and how you should have done what you did not do. Do not take everything to heart. It doesn’t matter ‘who’ thinks ‘what’ about you. Many will have their opinions about. How you do things is your choice. No matter how they judge you, in the end, it’s you living your life and not them living yours.

Don’t worry about time: Why do we listen to those who want to tell us about timelines? Taking your time is okay – sometimes we need time to heal, discover, introspect, and decide so that we can rebuild what doesn’t seem right. Taking your time is okay. There is nothing wrong in taking time for yourself, no matter how long or late others tell you it maybe.

You aren’t the brand that others describe: If you’ve often heard people say unappealing things about you, don’t take it as the ultimate truth. You are what you’ve become as a result of your experiences. There are some who will love you for who you are and some others who won’t but you aren’t defined by what others say about you. There is more to you – nurture it with love You are loved by those who gave you life. You are an inspiration for many. Your parents celebrate the gift of you every single day. You are their pride, you are their blessing and they want to see you happy.

What matters the most?: “Am I happy right now?” – This is the only question to ask yourself. Analyze the answers and figure out your happiness. If you are still contemplating, it’s time to build all over again. Find what makes you happy and pursue it. What matters the most is how happy you truly feel.

Continue to be yourself: Do your thing, live your life, make memories, spend time with those that matter the most to you. Build your life without worrying about the clock, the people who give you timelines, those who brand you as what they think of you, or the whole world as a whole. There are those who love you and those who don’t, focus on LOVE. Go where love leads you because that road leads to happiness. Remember – It was, it is and will always be about you being yourself! The world will continue evolving and revolving the way it always has.

That’s why to everyone reading this right now:

It is okay to start again! It is okay to rebuild your life! It is okay to take your time! You aren’t bound by rules to do something to gain something… And no! You aren’t centered around yourself! Life happens & you have to get through it, You holding on is ‘inspirational’ – And it’s beautiful that way; If the world doesn’t understand, does that really matter? What actually matters is how you’ve come out strong, more powerful & changed! The world will be the world anyway but what’s important is that you be yourself always!

~Lee-Anne D.

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