EGO: Is such a poison that it blinds reality, crushes all reasonability and fills one with negativity. An egoistic person never admits his mistakes, sees only the things he does for others and makes himself the center of everything. In a moments time, he forgets all the good memories he had with you & makes everything your fault. You’ll notice that the fault is NEVER his. People with such ARROGANCE are TOXIC. They measure everything in terms of money, gain and motives. They want the command – the upper hand, ALWAYS! If you refuse to agree with what they want you to agree on, or you do something which in their opinion isn’t right, you’re going to be their BAD forever. They hold hidden GRUDGES & are often filled with JEALOUSY, even if there’s no reason for it! People with an inflated ego are as EMPTY as noisy vessels and if at all you get a chance to know them well enough, you can’t help but see it written all over them! 

… STAY AWAY from these TOXIC PEOPLE because their SUPERIORITY COMPLEX is the crux of their condition. And there’s no way you can reason out with them.                       


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  1. Your post on EGO is an eye opener for me. It will helps me to see and understand a lot of an egoist person. What I need to know is how to live with or change an egoist. I think it next to impossible.

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