Poem: She is with you

Poem: She is with you

In your daily struggles, all the difficult battles you fight,

She is with you, even during darkest hours of the night;

No matter how troubled, no matter how sick,

She is with you, when you feel weak;

Happy in your happiness, wherever you may be

She is with you, though you cannot see;

The nasty things they say, the cruel things they do,

She feels your pain in the humiliation because she is with you!

And then when you slide into your room and began to pray all night,

She sits beside your weary body, praying with all her might;

She loves your kind ways, the way you selflessly give,

And the way you pray for others, the way you soon forgive,

Even if you falter, she knows that you feel bad,

She helps you overcome, those emotions of feeling sad,

Tell her all you want to, because she wants to hear you say,

Your words bring her ULTIMATE joy, especially when you pray,

However simple, no matter how small,

Tell her all your thoughts, pour out your all!

She is with you, every moment each day,

Silently watching over you, as you go along your way;

She has never left you alone, being always by your side,

Even at this very moment, she’s smiling all teary-eyed,

She loves you, OH! SO MUCH though you cannot see;

With you in all your joys and pains – Your Loving Mother Mary

“Our Dearest Mother She is with us day and night,
Helping us carry our crosses and the difficult battles we fight!”

16th July 2020 – In honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, on this her feast day.

May she intercede for you and shower her selfless blessings, may your life be filled with happiness, love, prosperity and peace! ~Lee-Anne πŸ™‚

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  1. That’s very true..ln times of sorrow or despair.In times of sadness or happiness She will always be there for us .She will never let us down.She is a never failing Mother

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