The current post is based on a sermon given by a priest, on Christian teachings, that touched my heart. I believe every word of it and I wish everyone else believed it too. In our world, today, to do the right thing has become rare, it is difficult for honest people to lead normal lives. There is so much injustice, corruption and evil that sometimes we make our peace with it. I’ve craved for justice right from college all through work-life. But, often realized that money and power can defeat justice. Although I’ve never understood how injustice succeeds, in a lot of cases – it surely has! What’s shockingly surprising is that people in power turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the injustice and play along. It takes courage to stand by the truth and fight for what is right. It takes a brave heart to stand up for others through unjust situations. Unjust people and places are not worth honest people. And often if you’ve done your part and there’s no justice served it is best to walk away. Those who don’t value your hard work and honesty but favour the unjust instead; should be left with the unjust to build whatever they strive to construct together. There are greater battles of injustice but the smaller ones we encounter can be equally devastating. Jealousy, greed, lies, hatred, unkindness is poison for those who crave love, kindness, peace, honesty & integrity. That is why I am sharing part of the sermon below. The words below will make you contemplate on what role we play in letting justice win. Every other religion has similar teachings. We are all God’s creatures, no matter what background we belong to. In fact, humankind revolves around this fundamental concept of Justice. Christ laid down principles for justice too. Here below I’m sharing a part of those principles that may be of interest to some.

Justice Sunday: “Justice and integrity to be enjoyed by all of God’s creatures” – 16th August 2020

Everyone should be allowed to breathe freely in a world created by God but unfortunately, this has been destroyed by labels, prejudices and greed

What is our responsibility as disciples of Jesus?

To be FAIR with everyone we LIVE with,

To be JUST in our relationships, in our dealings, in our attitudes;

To recognize the other as a child of God just as you are breathing the same air,

Sometimes the need of the hour is to raise our voices against injustice,

Or to offer our hands and feet in support of the just cause,

Today, we are also called to be part of the global campaign,

To allow the world of nature to breathe freely,

To be a part of so many initiatives that help in conservation of natural energy,

To be less greedy, to be less exploitative of the gifts that God has given us;

Let us as disciples of Jesus, live lives that are JUST and full of INTEGRITY,

To be able to enjoy the goodness of the GIFTS God has given us.

From the sermon of the Sunday Mass (16th Aug 2020), Mt. Carmel Parish, Bandra

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