Quote: Healers

Quote: Healers

Have you heard of healers? Those whose presence creates magic for everyone around them? Those who don’t need to physically be present but whose thoughts are enough to make you feel better! It feels as if God listens to them when they want the best for you. These individuals are pure and rare. Like angels in our lives, like blessings sent to us… Healers come to us in different forms. They can be of different kinds. Here’s my version of who they could be. I hope you enjoy this one !! 🙂

Those who speak to you and spontaneously heal your pain,

Those who pray for you for no personal gain,

Those who genuinely care because they really do,

Those who know you as if no one else knew,

Those whose kindness becomes contagious,

Those whose good wishes turn miraculous,

Those whose nature itself is selfless,

These are our healers and they are extremely precious!


Our healers are our parents, family, true friends – those who help us heal and find ourselves when hope seems lost. If you realize this, you will be grateful for them because life is difficult otherwise, our healers give life some meaning.

“Healers never boast about being healers. they want to heal you because they cannot bear to see you hurting!”


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