Quote: Sharing your story

Quote: Sharing your story

What is the joy in your success if you haven’t used your story to inspire others to chase dreams of their own?

~Lee-Anne D.

Contrary to the very popular belief “Work in silence and let success make all the noise!” Imagine if we didn’t listen to the success stories of legends such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Walt Disney, Isaac Newton and others, how would we learn about success? What makes some of these legends admirable is their personal stories and hurdles that are never discussed. But sometimes we need to hear their stories and deeply understand their successes. Maybe if we shared our successes with others we would inspire them to find theirs? And who knows if it would even double your own? Otherwise, success becomes somewhat self-centred; I’d love to believe that there’s no harm in sharing to help others along the way because some successes never make the noise!

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