Poem: If I told you my story…

Poem: If I told you my story…

If I told you my story, would you listen to me again? If my heart cried out to you, would you still feel the pain?

If I said what I used to, would you still believe it’s true? If I met you yet again, would you still say who I am to you?

If you hear my name, would you still blush insane? If my heart was aching, would you kiss away my pain?

Would you still be happy to see me, as you always did? Would you still insist on ‘just a look’, like the one glance you need?

If my life went sour, would you turn back to see? If my eyes went sore from crying, would you still recognize me?

If I said my heart was true & had all the love to give, All my truthful confessions, would you still believe?

Though you seem to have forgotten & gone so far away, My heart finds it hard to forget, in it you stubbornly stay!

As I realize, my love for you is true; Nothing seems to convince my heart, I cannot be with you!

And so…Would you hold it against me, if I said I was still waiting for you? Maybe not in this life but maybe the next one or two?

For if the gift of love I asked, was always as perfect as I knew; I’d ask my God to bless me in another life, with the priceless blessing of “YOU”!

~ Lee-Anne

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