Poem: Life’s sweet wishes!

Poem: Life’s sweet wishes!

LIFE is complicated, yet so SWEET;

We meet some people, in our HEARTS to keep;
To love and live, like the way we do;
Secret crushes, on those who never knew!
COLLEGE LIFE and all the enigma,
Exciting moments, though filled with drama;
We meet people, only to leave some day,
But glad they came along life’s way!
Some MEMORIES generated never to fade;
Some SWEET THOUGHTS, in our minds often played;

I wish all GOOD DREAMS came true!

I wish life was more about the AUTHENTIC FEW!

I wish all the bad, was eternally REPLACED by good!

I wish people wouldn’t be rude!

I wish EMOTIONS would be better understood!

 I wish TRUE LOVE was something ALL could afford!
Though the HEART beats faster, to think that someone was MADE FOR YOU,

Imagine that MYSTERY-ONE and true lover too?!!
And still if that “SOMEONE” you fail to meet,
In your heart those memories you’d keep!
Of divine relations with hearts so true, When SOMEONE you admired ‘with all your heart’, was only made for you!


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