Being Grateful is the way to Stay Happy and see Miracles Unfold in Your Life

Being Grateful is the way to Stay Happy and see Miracles Unfold in Your Life

My biggest lesson through Experience is that a grateful heart is a magnet for attracting happiness. “Being grateful IS the way to stay happy and see miracles unfold in your life!” ~Lee-Anne

Happiness is a choice they say, so why not choose happiness every day? It is said that having a grateful heart, helps us stay happy. It radiates positivism, and the mind clearly anticipates blessings, rather than shortcomings. We can choose ‘what to be grateful for’ and ‘whom to be grateful to’, but we have to keep in mind that, the more optimistic our outlook towards life, the more abundant our miracles will be. ‘Gratefulness’, is the key to staying happy; while also making us look graceful to all who interact with us. The quality of gratefulness splendidly shines through a happy person. Therefore, based on my experiences, I can share, the little lessons about gratefulness, I learnt along my journey.

Saying THANK YOU more often:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she says that, these are the magical words that significantly attract ‘blessings’ into our lives. These enchanting words are constantly used in the book, ‘The secret’. The author Rhonda Byrne, repeatedly insists in her book, about the unbelievable outcomes of always staying grateful. While most often, being content is difficult, especially in a competitive, selfish environment, and more dangerously a chaotic, messy reality – the trick is to cross over the woeful circumstances and focus on the infinitesimal graces in our lives that we can be grateful for. It may seem difficult but try doing it anyway. Look out for mini things throughout the day, which make you feel blessed. If you focus and you are aware, you’d realize there is so much to be grateful for! Take one day at a time. If you’ve never tried it, you can always start TODAY. Being satisfied with your life, workplace, family and friends are just a few areas to begin with. You can start with practicing the act of saying ‘thank you’, from the moment you open your eyes to watching out the little blessings throughout, notice them along your way, each day…

GRATEFUL people are HAPPY people:

There’s is an enigmatic charm about those who stay contented; their gratification makes them euphoric, as if to say that’s innate – you’d recognize this as part of their personality. And I’ve observed in all my interactions with the people I meet, the elated ones are always appreciative, and you’d somehow feel drawn towards these. While I continue to learn what it must take to be obliged all the time, I realize that most things we take for granted are sometimes the primary reasons for us to say ‘thank you’. Good health for example, is the greatest gift to most of us. There are so many who wake up to a disease, or some who do not wake up at all, but if we did wake up this morning, we are blessed with yet another day of life. If you’re someone who’d notice the delicate things, you’ll realize then, how easy it is to integrate this principle of incorporating gratefulness into your life every single moment of a day.

Whom should we be grateful to?

One may wonder, to whom should we express our gratitude? People have various versions of faith. Some may choose to believe in a mighty force, synonymous to the divine, perhaps a ‘higher power’, or the ‘universe’ or the ‘creator’, whomsoever one would want to believe is responsible for our existence. The point here is, being grateful to someone for something they have given you. Prayer is a fantastic way of expressing gratitude. The more we say ‘thank you’ in prayer, the happier our hearts feel. Sometimes, it isn’t about the lengthy thanksgiving prayers but the heart with which a genuine ‘thank you’ is expressed, that works its charms. It isn’t only God that we should be thanking for our abundant blessings, thanking ‘every person’ we meet is a good way of feeling blithe. It feels we’ve given them something significant, as though passing on some of our joyfulness to them. There’s unceasing joy in feeling gratefulness from the ‘depths of our hearts’. Feeling gratitude is never wasted! The more ‘thank you’s’ we’d say to whomsoever we say those, the more magnificent we’d appear to all those who hear us say it. The western world has this appealing habit integrated into their culture that is simply alluring. The ability to thank anyone who does something for them, even if it seems as silly as passing over a piece of paper or dropping them off to their destination, is the most winsome quality to be conferred with.

Being grateful for the unpleasant things in your life, is also as important:

Being grateful shouldn’t be limited to only ‘counting our blessings’, but it should also be extended to the negative circumstances that we have to endure. If you’ve felt betrayal, backstabbing, rejection, humiliation; however unjust a situation appears at that time, it is almost impossible to stay positive. Consider though, introspecting the outcome of the unfortunate instances that you’ve had to put up with. While you may feel the pain, hurt, betrayal and anger, it is best to analyze the outcome and study the lessons you learnt in the process. As painful as the situation may seem, there must have been a lesson from the contemptible event. I’ve often looked back at the unpleasant situations in my life and realized that I’ve learnt valuable lessons that would be impossible to learn otherwise. For instance, tolerating the tricks and tantrums of despicable, selfish people can be exhausting, and sometimes you meet those who are not always as endearing as they portray themselves to be and yet they can STILL manage to convince the WHOLE WORLD of their fabricated image. The worst is to see the triumph of unfairness unfold in front of you! You wonder, why do we have to deal with such people? Why so much inequity? Sometimes difficult people and unfavorable situations can test your patience to such an extent making it impossible to think clearly. Nevertheless, moments like these teach us valuable lessons – we should keep calm at all times (no matter how hard), be careful of the implications and act wisely upon the action we may choose to take.

Through every experience, be it loathsome people or miserable situations there is so much to learn! Life happens to all of us, teaching us the actuality of what we ought to know! Hence, never regret the awful things and unworthy people that came to you, it must have happened to help you become a stronger, better version of yourself you are today. So, for whatever may have happened, feel grateful that it happened, the way it did. And to stay out of the extremities of all the diabolical, we can only hope and sincerely pray that God spares us from the wrath of unsolicited sorrow and pain.

In conclusion, I’d end by saying, be reminded to say thank you, count your blessings, feel grateful and NEVER have regrets, because an indebted individual will inevitably be a jovial one!

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Quote: Happiness is a choice, choose happiness everyday

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