Poem: He Paid the Price

Poem: He Paid the Price

This world is not my home; I do not belong here,

Our journey’s of another world, each day we’re getting near;

The day we’d meet Our God, is still a mystery!

But what then on earth may our purpose be?

We are mortal beings, coz we are to die one day,

Man knows not of the divine, and this is THE TRUTH he’d say;

But beyond the earth perhaps, lay the biggest reality,

The ‘life of truth’ for all mankind, to last eternally!

Our life’s a gift, most precious from God,

For what we ought to Thank The Lord!

He gives us a chance to live, so that we may do some good,

He tests us in many ways, and maybe that he should!

It is difficult to live the life that God wants of us,

Due to selfish human nature, for worldly pleasures we search;

But if we do pass the tough tests of God,

He promises each one of us, a handsome reward!

Lest we’d all agree that the world isn’t ours to stay,

No matter how much we try, our debts we’d have to pay;

The deeds we do on earth, will determine the path we go,

Though earth’s reign be of demons, our debt was paid for long ago!

And so there’s so much of the divine that none can comprehend,

But remember that Our Almighty God had it all planned!

The sacrifice of His only loving Son, so we may find new life,

No matter what our crosses are, He has already paid the price!


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