Poem: Lost my heart to you!

Poem: Lost my heart to you!

My eyes still search you! My heart still seeks!

My mind perceives! And soul believes!

In that search to find you, to believe your heart is true

In that urge to know you, to discover that LOVE is YOU!

It took me years to believe, what my heart did feel at that time…

The beats of my heart, thumping to a beautiful rhyme!

From the time I lost that coin and you had in your hand;

Gently placed it onto mine, to make weak, I could hardly stand!

The day went by, I didn’t stop to think;

But as I saw you each day; My heart freezing, my eyes would cease to blink!!

It took me long to believe that, it wasn’t only to see you that I longed !

But I needed you, to be that someone to whom my heart belonged!

At the end of many more restless years, My mind would still find you everywhere,

In dreams, in thoughts, in everything I do, I just couldn’t help, but find those images of “YOU”!

I pushed those thoughts, to erase some memories; But I think, I still failed!

There’s no way I could convince my heart, my emotions unveiled!

In dreams I’d imagine I was with you;

My heart believed my dreams were true,

And though I’d distract my mind for a while,

My face couldn’t help, but sustain a “smile”

Oh! I’ve gloriously failed, emotions unveiled,

My strong heart, now turned pale!

Losing my heart wasn’t my plan, but do we get to decide?

My heart has unexpectedly made that choice, and there’s nothing I can hide!

I don’t know when! I don’t know how !

I’m compelled to confess! I’m impelled to bow!

I admit I failed, my emotions unveiled!

I must now take that bow!

To bend before God & confess to YOU,

“Yes, I lost my heart to you somehow!”

~Lee-Anne D’Costa

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