Poem: You must be You

Poem: You must be You

POEM: You must be You

Don’t believe all you hear from them,

But feel all you’re made to feel,

If they’ve hurt you, let it be, 

That’s them being them!

Observe the little things they do around you;

An inflamed ego? Untrusting? Speaking ill? Inability to see the pain they cause to others? Unexplained jealously or just fake concern?

Let them be them but you must be you;

Because your heart is pure, you’re the essence of God’s beauty!

No matter what they label you,

No matter what faults they fabricate,

No matter how they treat you or speak of you to others,

It’s often a reflection of their crooked mindset,

They’ve always believed everyone is like them – TRUSTING is their problem!

It isn’t your fault, maybe not even theirs; ‘It’s just them being them’;

Their actions speak louder than their words. So OBSERVE!

If they remind you of their favors, was it done out of love for you?

You never count the good deeds you do or the help you give to others,

Because you do it with love, and that makes you happy!

You’re being you, not expecting anything in return!

Be prepared – They may even exploit you, till they realize they can’t anymore;

When their motives no longer exist,

When they realize there’re not being seen as they’d wished to,

That’s when the problem begins; they’ll torment you mentally,

Making you feel insignificant and indebted;

But you be you and let them be them,

Because you were made to spread LOVE; Not hate for hate;


You must be you even though they’d be who they are,

Because that’s the difference between them and YOU;

It’s what makes them, ‘them’ and what makes you, ‘you’,

It shouldn’t matter what they continue to do,

Choose to be your own beautiful – Choose to be YOU!


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