Poem: It hurts inside

Poem: It hurts inside

THOUGHT: Depression is a real thing and anyone can fall into the cyclone of negativity it brings along. We’ve all heard stories and seen some of the most beautiful human beings giving up their lives. As much as we all know how unfair it is, how many of us feel the pain they go through? Whether it is a dishonest friend or love interest, work politics, or just self-confidence issues, the innocent suffer silently – they are tormented by negative emotions. No one understands the extent of the sorrow they endure. Here’s my tribute to those gems we’ve lost. When I empathize with them, I’m numb with horrible feelings but I also know that there’s at least one person I can go to share how I feel. If you’re going through difficult times, know that you can do the same. DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR LIFE. You are very special to those who love you. If we can’t think of a solution, maybe we should reason out how it would affect those who love us. Live for those who love you because you may be the only reason they live! And just see where life takes you because miracles happen when you least expect.

POEM: It hurts inside…

It hurts inside, the pain is strong,

But I don’t show the world what is wrong;

I smile, laugh & let all believe,

That my troubles are small, I’m relaxed & relieved,

Then one by one those demons come;

Shattering my belief, leaving me numb!

I don’t speak ill; I’m no tittle-tattle,

And yet, I’m losing this tiring battle;

How is it fair, the unjust win every time?

How is it that, they never pay for crime?

Their money speaks & status sometimes,

The innocent’s hard-work not appreciated – almost every time!

Is this the world we should be living in?

I can’t help feeling raw pain, I’m slowly slipping!

Once I leave, this world will perhaps see?

The actual person I was & my integrity,

But what use then when I’d be gone?

I won’t want their sympathy, I’m better off alone!

If they ask why I took my beautiful life?

Tell them my hard-work was killed by their dishonesty’s knife

The world for sure doesn’t need people like me,

Because this world supports those who live selfishly!


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