Poem: 5 years without

Poem: 5 years without

5 years without uncle Edwin:

When we think of this day it seems so fresh,

The last few moments before you were laid to rest,

The day you left, we’re losing so much we knew,

So much wasn’t going to be the same without you!

Death is a reminder that a lot is lost,

All we are left behind with are thoughts,

Some regrets and sweet memories close to our heart,

The only parts we have of those after they’ve depart,

A lot of our plans gradually faded away,

Our hearts wishing to delete that cursed day,

We’ve loved you then, we love you now though you left so fast,

Still trying our best to let go of every bitter memory of the past! 

~Lee-Anne D.
A rare picture of Uncle Edwin and me, 30+ years ago

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