Poem: To die may be a blessing

Poem: To die may be a blessing

Have you ever thought of death being a blessing? Most of us are scared of dying. Some of us are scared to lose those we love but what if death is the beginning of eternal happiness? Imagine being free of pain, sickness, disease, fear and the negativity of this world. What if you find heaven to be that place you searched all through life? Death may just be that door that opens to everything you’re looking for.

To die may just be a blessing & so here are my thoughts,

There may be no pain in death that our lives may have brought;

Imagine flying across realms that now seem a myth,

With wisdom being our strength, though now life’s unused gift,

We wouldn’t be complaining or sick and sad,

We’d be surrounded always by all that makes us glad,

Our eyes would be opened to things we now cannot see,

We’d understand deeper and connect with empathy,

No more relationships shattered, confused, strained and broken,

We’ll have everything sorted as children of our Father in Heaven,

And would we miss our loved ones, who’ve gone so far away?

All those we can now only lovingly remember in prayer,

The dreams we’ve been dreaming; The lives we’ve been wanting,

The love we’ve been anticipating; The happiness we’re forever craving,

All greatness and so much more may all become a reality,

When in death we may find all that life couldn’t be!

~Lee-Anne D.

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