Poem: To the loss of you…

Poem: To the loss of you…

Past few days of pure pain, that sorrow still fresh;

Our hearts filled with broken-ness & minds in distress!

Your memories linger on, deep in our hearts;

No one understands this distance so vast!

So difficult to come to terms with the loss;

Though we know it’s part of the bridges we’d need to cross!

Perhaps God needed you more, to fulfil his plan;

I hope we’d meet sooner than I think we can!

Ah, yes! now part of my wish list, to see you soon;

Staring at the sky, I hope you can see me when I see the moon! 

I’ll soon come up to heaven and I’ll meet you there;

I’ll bring you blessings and lots of care!

You’ve left us and gone so far away;

I often wish we could beg God to make you stay!

There’s so much I hoped for you to see;

It feels terrible when I think of what it could be!

Our life had a lot of happiness because of it you were a part; 

But now to the loss of you, there’s no consolation I can give my heart!

~Lee-Anne D.
In memory of My Dearest Uncle Edwin, Jan 7th1955-Nov 26th 2015

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