Poem: The Story of Redemption

Poem: The Story of Redemption

How unfortunate are those who don’t believe those who believe in SALVATION

The Son of God became man and suffered to gift us REDEMPTION

The WONDERS of MERCY and SELFLESS LOVE on a cross to us was shown, 

But the truth about His ABUNDANT LOVE to so many remains unknown,

If only ALL could UNDERSTAND the WONDERS of JESUS’ plans,

From SUFFERING to being CRUCIFIED, He did everything for sinful men!

If we completely BELIEVED the truth we should about HIS LOVE,

We’d all see WONDERFUL BLESSINGS poured down from ABOVE

When life’s a mighty mess, He comes to us and shares our pain,

Suffering with us during struggles, giving us strength again!

Christ LIVES AMONGST US, He’s with us though we cannot see, 

If you pay close attention, how thoroughly amazed you’d be,

He answers your prayers but only those that are good for you, 

He alone knows God’s big plans that you may not believe are true,

Yes, YOU CAN PRAY whoever you are and He’d always patiently listen,

This is the beauty of SELFLESS LOVE and the STORY OF REDEMPTION!

~Lee-Anne D.

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