Poem: The Selfless, Beautiful Mind

Poem: The Selfless, Beautiful Mind


I’m in awe of creative minds,

Those that inspire and create,

The ones that make rather than take,

Those that love and selflessly live, 

The ones who hate hate and love to give,

Who’d do their best with less focus on gain,

Those who’d weave joy even out of pain,

Celebrating happiness even if isn’t theirs to celebrate,

Those who’d be patient through every difficult wait,

Those who’d stay with you through all of your fears,

The ones who’d do anything to wipe away your tears!

And these I may say do everything with love,

Not because they want from you,

But more because they care,

The honest truth is that such selflessness is very rare,

Their kindness is special because it isn’t only about being kind,

But most of all the rarity of their selfless, beautiful mind!

~Lee-Anne D.

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