Poem: Secrets of The Sly

Poem: Secrets of The Sly

Secrets are of the sly, lies and more to keep;

They say to all “Oh! I cannot sleep! I’m forever going to weep!”

“No, this I cannot achieve, Oh no! there are no big plans!,”

But then, “Surprises!” “Great life changes!” All happened but no one knew when!

Lie over lie, but why is it?  Why so much under cover?

Twisted tales and false facts; Aren’t those styles of cloak and dagger?

Why? Oh why do you stray away, from those, your kin?

Does not ‘closeness of the heart’ mean to you anything?

Why have you to hide your ambitions? Why do you keep lying again?

Is it jealousy that keeps you away? 

Or are you afraid your happiness to share? 

Perhaps competition is the scare? 

Or you just can’t be bothered to care? 

And when you say you’re out to help?

Do you really hear yourself?

Empty words, helps in the air,

Whenever you’ve promised to always be there,

A few rare ones will truly help and share;

But for most the sly always pretend to care! 

If all those lies and cutting off ties causes you no pain;

Be happy then whereever you go, may we never see each other again!

~Lee-Anne D.
The-Sly-Image-Unsplash- Peter Forste

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