Poem: My troubled heart

Poem: My troubled heart

Ah! My troubled heart, it weighs so heavy on me,

Ignorant people mocking and spitefully rebuking thee,

In all these years I lived, I’ve seen more of crime and terror,

Seeing the wicked ones happy, despite all, they prosper!

When I’ve sought to do things right, the way God would want of me,

I see more so many wicked men act despicably!

But not one of them feels remorse for the bitterness of their actions,

Carrying malice-filled hearts, they turn to diabolic attractions!

You say dear Lord, 

“You do unto me, as you do to your brothers” but

Most care about themselves, forget about any others!

I know dear Lord you are pained to see how the world has turned today,

Your heart must be aching and I know your trying each day,

I see your angels work for me, I see them fight my battles,

I see your love for me but the world has my mind crippled!

I wish to remind mortal men, that one day we will die,

We aren’t going to carry treasures where we ought to finally lie,

And what does it cost anyone to be nice today?

Doesn’t that scornful heart of theirs, moan everyday?

How can they be happy with all the corruption and treachery?

How can they find their love in despondent profanity?

I can only rest my troubles in the eyes of God to see,

There is not much anyone can do with this existing reality, 

May God serve his justice when the time is right,

And may he communicate to my troubled heart, “Everything will be alright!”

~Lee-Anne D.

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