Life’s a little bitter, a little sweet

Life’s a little bitter, a little sweet

A little bitter, a little sweet,

The gift of life–a beautiful treat,

When God created us to be,

Little beings filled with mystery,

As weak as human as we actually are,

Bitterness sometimes overpowers,

But we must cling onto the happiness more,

Those are the memories we must store,

Fill our minds with the goodness of life,

Erase the bitterness and every bad vibe,

This life we have will soon pass,

The memories we make will forever last,

To explore this path and live his plan,

Until to heaven, we ascend,

We’d face sweet moments and even bitter ones,

This life is a test that’s just begun,

Once we pass life’s test there’s victory,

An eternal bliss with no misery,

Then after death, we’d see so much more,

The blessings in Heaven, Our God has in store,

And yes, the truth – we will all meet again,

In a world without sorrow, bitterness, or pain!

~Lee-Anne D’Costa
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

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