Poem: It’s not enough

Poem: It’s not enough

They tell you, “It’s not enough!”

But what do you tell yourself?

What matters is how you see it;

Not how they see themselves, 

For those whose dreams are shattered; 

Have a lot of advice to share,

But one basic question, why do they really care?

This world has many expectations; 

And a lot maybe too much to you, 

What matters is how you take it;

No matter what others say or do!

Many may have gotten to phases you wanted to,

Societal pressure then heavily weighs on you;

They’ll tell you it’s late, time’s running fast,

To hurry you to accomplish every expected task!

But what do you tell yourself;

When they tell you it’s not enough?

You must acknowledge your present victories,

Because you’ve learnt your way what’s tough,

And though the rest don’t see it,

It’ll never be enough!

As long as you’re doing your best even though it’s rough;

Through the insecurities of others, pass them by and laugh,

And just let them keep saying, “It’s not enough!

~Lee-Anne D.

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